IB Tests

Registration is open now through Friday October 26th.

The cost of taking IB exams is $305 for the first exam you take each year.  Each additional exam is charged at a rate of $125 per exam.  The first exam costs more because the initial exam fee includes registration costs, certificates, and score reports for universities.  You can make your payment in person (by check) at the student store, or online

Fees are NOT REFUNDABLE after OCTOBER 26, 2018.

To complete your IB registration, follow the two steps listed below:

Make sure you speak with your IB teacher prior to registering so that you sign up for the appropriate subject title and level (HL, SL or Ab Initio) for each course.  You must be in an IB class to take an IB exam.

The two steps below must be completed to register for your May 2019 IB exam(s).     

Go to the International Baccalaureate page under Academics on the NPHS website to choose subject tests and to fill in all the information required to complete your registration.

  1. Pay the registration AND exam fees. Your payment can be completed here (by credit card) or in person at the Student Store (by check made out to NPHS) .

NOTE: Your IB test registration is not complete until you complete BOTH steps above (sign up for specific tests AND pay fees).

IB exam fees are as follows:

One test: $305

Two tests: $430

Three tests: $555

Four tests: $680

Five tests: $805

Six tests: $930

Both steps (payment through Student Store and IB test registration at NPHS IB website must be completed by Friday, OCTOBER 26 2018.  Late registrations will not be accepted. 

Be sure to save/print receipts after each step. 

If you have questions or need further assistance, please contact:
Mrs. Dogancay
NPHS IB Coordinator:Room E1
(805)498-3676 x1401.

Registration is open now through October 26th.